Biotechnology Research Group

• Prof. Dr. Ülkü MEHMETOĞLU
• Prof. Dr. Emine BAYRAKTAR
• Prof. Dr. Afife GÜVENÇ

PhD Students
• Res. Assist. Rahime SONGÜR

Ms Students
• Pınar AK
• Günay BAYDAR

Ø Fermentation Process
-Organic Acid, Amino Acid, Antibiotic Production
-Extractive Fermentation,
Ø Mathematical Modeling of Bioreactors
Ø Enzymatic and Microbial Biotransformation
-Amino Acid and Aroma Compound Production,
-Production of Enantiomerically Pure Pharmaceuticals
-Production of Flavor and Fragrance Esters
-Extractive Biotransformation
Ø Bioseparation Methods
-Reactive Extraction,
-Reverse Micelle Systems
-Gas Hydrate Methods
Ø Application of Supercritical CO 2 Technology to Biochemical Systems and Reactions
-Extraction of Fermentation Products
-Extraction of Natural Products
-Enzymatic Production of Flavor and Fragrance Esters
Ø Application of Ultrasound on Biochemical Reactions
Ø Biochemical Production using Plant Cell Culture
Ø Cleaning of Waste
-Using Biochemical Methods,
– Using Supercritical CO2


1. Improvement of Enantioselective a -Hydroxy Ketone Production Process by Biocatalitacally (Çiğdem Babaarslan)

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PROJECTS (going on)
1. Enantioselective production of a -hydroxy Ketones using Enzymes and Microorganisms (Ankara University Biotechnology Institution Project, 36, 2002).
2. Production of nano sized ferro compounds. Ankara University Scientific Research Projects (2003.07.45.021), 2004-
3. Kinetic resolution of 1-phenyl 1-propanol by enantioselective esterification with enzyme and microbial cells ” Ankara University Biotechnology Project, 2005-

-Gas Chromatography (CE Instruments, CA 8000 Top)
-Liquid Chromatography, HPLC, (Thermo Finnigan, spectra)
-UV Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu, 1601 A)
-Refrigerated Centrifuge (Hettich, Rotina 35 R)
-Sterile Cabin (CE Heto-Holten )
-Orbital Shaker (Gerhardt)
-Refrigerated Incubator (Shel Lab)
-Incubator (Nüve)
-Microscope (Olympus CHK-2)
-Ultra Sonicator (Cole Parmer)
-Refrigerated Circulator (Nüve, BS 302)
-Rotary Evaporator (Heidolph-labor, OTA 4000)
-Automatic Titrator (Orion)
– Sterilizator
-Deep freeze (SANYO MDF-U5186S)
-Bioreactor (BIOSTAT CT)
-Water activity equipment (AW SPRINT, Novasina)
-Batch supercritical extraction /reaction system
-Peristaltic pumps


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