Industrial Biotechnology Research Group

• Prof. Dr. Güzide ÇALIK
• Prof. Dr. Tuncer ÖZDAMAR

PhD and MS Students
Graduate students

Within the context of biochemical and chemical reaction engineering;
• Recombinant enzyme production
• Recombinant therapeutic protein production
• Rekombinant amino acid production
• Metabolik pathway engineering
• Reactor engineering

Graduate studies leading to PhD and MSc degrees are carried out within the context of the projects mentioned above

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• Recombinant L-phenyl alanin production – TUBITAK- MISAG
• Recombinant a -interferon production- DPT-TUBITAK
• Recombinant protease production- DPT-TUBITAK
• Recombinant-human growth hormone production- TUBITAK- BAYG BDP

• Kinetics Laboratory
• Genetic Engineering Laboratory
• Research Laboratory