Particulate Technology Research Group

• Prof. Dr. Zeki AKTAS
• Assist. Prof. Emine YAĞMUR

PhD Students
• Res. Assist. Iffet Isil GÜRTEN
• Res. Assist. Yavuz GÖKÇE

Ms Students
• —

• Adsorption on Solid Particles
• Froth Flotation
• Oil Agglomeration
• Heavy Media Separation
• Extraction/Supercritical Extraction
• Rheology of Solid-Liquid Mixtures
• Image Analysis
• Porous Solids
• Activated Carbon Production
• Applications of Microwave Energy


MS Studies
• İ.Işıl Gürten, 2008, Production of adsorbent from waste tea and investigation of adsorption properties of the adsorbent

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Zeki AKTAS

• Yavuz GÖKÇE, 2008, Synthesis of Chitosan Nanoparticles
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Zeki AKTAS

•Sıla BAL, 2007. The adsorption of MTBE on heat treated coals
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Zeki AKTAS

• Ebru KOÇAK, 2004. Investigation of Rheological Behaviour of Solid-Water Mixtures
Co-Supervisor: Assoc.Prof. Zeki AKTAS

• Meryem OZMAK, 2003. The Effects of Surface Active Agents on the Froth Flotation of Zonguldak Coal
Supervisor: Assoc.Prof. Zeki AKTAS

• S. Sule KAFKAS (Pembegül), 2003. Investigation of Adsorption of Aniline and 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol on Different Adsorbents
Supervisor: Assoc.Prof. Zeki AKTAS

• F. Çigdem COLDUROGLU, 2002. Beneficiation of Zonguldak Bituminous Coal by Froth Flotation
Supervisor: Assoc.Prof. Zeki AKTAS

• U. Derya TURSUN, 2002. Investigation of Adsorption Behaviour of Organic Compounds on Different Adsorbents
Supervisor: Assoc.Prof. Zeki AKTAS


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• ‘The Effects of Microwave Energy on the Production of Activated Carbon from Waste Tea’, TUBITAK, 2007-2009.
• ‘Production and Characterisation of Activated Carbon From Waste Tea’, Ankara University Scientific Research Projects, 2007–2008.
• ‘Change of Physical and Chemical Properties of Coals During Heat Treatment Process’, Ankara University Scientific Research Projects, 2005–2007.
• Change of Physical and Chemical Properties of Coals During Heat Treatment Process BAP Project no: 2005-0745 037, November/2005-…
• Synthesis of nano sized chitosan, hydroxyapatite and composites and particle characterization TÜBITAK October/2005-…


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