Bioprocess Research Group

• Prof. Dr. Serpil TAKAÇ
• Res. Assist. Dr. A. Ezgi ÜNLÜ BÜYÜKTOPÇU
• Alper KARAKAYA (PhD Student)
• Didem DEĞİRMENBAŞI (MSc Student)
• Ceren ÜLGER (MSc Student)
• Azime ARIKAYA (MSc Student)

Green Processes: Production/Separation
• Microbial lipid
• Microbial enzyme
• Pharmaceuticals
• Green solvents
• Biodegradation
• Enzymatic / chemical esterification / transesterification reactions
• Kinetics of enzymatic and microbial reactions
• Enzymatic resolution of racemic mixtures

 Current Projects
Food Waste Valorisation for Sustainable Chemicals, Materials & Fuels (EUBis), COST Action TD1203 (2013-2016).

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High Pressure Liquid Chromotography;  Gas Chromotography; Bioreactors; UV-VIS Spectrophotometer; Laminar Flow; Sterilizator; Incubator Shakers; Deep Freeze;  Rotary Evaporator; Centrifuge; Refrigerated Circulator; Magnetic Stirrer; pHmeter; Analytical Balance