General Information

Department of Chemical Engineering is located at the Tandoğan Campus of Ankara University. In the Faculty of Engineering some 1000 m² of area is available for departmental research, teaching and office needs. The faculty involves 16 professors, 6 associate professors, 13 research assistants 10 with PhD degree, and 1 specialist.

Chemical engineering graduate education and research are mainly emphasised in the following areas: Separation processes, multi-phase mass transfer, degredation and recycling of technological wastes, fossil fuel technology, genetic engineering, high temperature kinetics, homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction kinetics, particle technology, computer aided design, process systems engineering (simulation, optimization and control), product/bioproduct and process/bioprocess development, reaction and separation with supercritical fluids, and unit operations and environmental applications. In addition to general purpose research laboratories; Biotechnology, Fuel, Genetic Engineering, Kinetics and Industrial Biotechnology, Mass Transfer and Environmental Research, Process Control, Reactor Control, and Technology Research Laboratories equipped with spectrophotometers, chromatographs, thermal analysis instruments, computers, reactors of different scales operating under various physical, chemical and biochemical conditions as well as many other modern systems and instruments are available at the department to support the graduate research dedicated to not only contributing to the engineering science but also to industrial product and software development, and process design. In addition to the University Scienttific Research Projects, Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey and the State Planning Organization are the main supporters of graduate work and technological projects. Currently 18 projects are being carried on.

Graduate courses KM501 Transport Phenomena, KM508 Chemical Engineering Mathematics, KM510 Engineering Thermodynamics, and KM511 Reaction Engineering are in the compulsory group of courses with understanding that at least two should be completed for the MSc and the rest for the PhD studies. Other graduate courses, being elective, cover the wide range of research and application areas that the department focuses. Current number of MSc and PhD students are 28 and 23 respectively; while maximum enrollment in one semester is 40 and 20 for MSc and PhD, respectively.