Ankara University Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry was approved in 17.9.1943 with the aim of educating the chemical engineers who will have an important place in the development of our country initiated by Atatürk and thus the education at the undergraduate level as the “Institute of General Chemistry” Education Institute started as Chemistry Teaching Department, Turkey’s Second Department. Later, “Analytical Chemistry Institute” and “Physical Chemistry Institute” were established. Between 1943 and 1948, 4 year Chemistry graduate and 5 year High Chemistry programs were applied. In 3.5.1948, the Higher Chemistry degree was translated into Higher Engineering. In 1948-1949 academic year “Institute of Industrial and Exercise Chemistry” was established. Otto Gerngross, Professor of Berlin Technische Hochschule, came to Ankara in 1947. The duration of training with the reason of directing the Chemistry Higher Engineer was accepted as 5 years and it was programmed to be completed as 5 certifications including teaching, General Mathematics, Experimental Physics, General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. In 1965, “basic operations” based on the credit system was started, and 4 years of chemistry education started. In 1971, the program was renewed and the process of development in transport phenomena, reaction engineering, reactor design, process control and chemical technology fields was completed and from 1976, 4 years chemical engineering program was started. In addition to the 5-year high engineering education, a 4-year curriculum was carried out with teacher-school students in the training of chemistry teachers to carry out secondary education high school programs. The educational structure, consisting of curricula and certificate programs, joined the Chemistry Department in 1974 and became the first practitioner of the Cirrus Section system in the Faculty of Science. In 1973, the Chemical Engineering Laboratory was established and participated in the training activities as laboratories for separation of fluids, heat and mass.

This curriculum of the Department of Chemistry lasted until the beginning of the 1970s and in 1976 the degree of Master of Engineering was abolished so that the postgraduate studies in doctoral studies as well as the emphasis and specialization of graduate studies were taken. In 1981, two separate divisions were separated as the enactment of the Higher Education Act and the results of YÖK applications, the Department of Chemistry to train the Engineers of Chemistry Department and the Department of Chemistry to train the Chemist, and the teaching of Chemistry Teacher Training for 4 years was terminated. Up to this date, “Faculty of Chemistry”, which is a part of the Chemistry Department, has created all faculty members and assistants and members of the Chemical Engineering Department.

The Chemical Engineering Teaching, which started in Gazi Education Institute in 1943, was replaced by the Ankara University Faculty of Science complex, which was completed in 1952. Until 1972, it continued its on-site training in the Faculty of Science A Block buildings where the Department of Chemistry is today. In 1972, it was moved to its own building, now called E Block, with its laboratories and classrooms in order to provide better Chemistry Engineering instruction with the projects taken from the State Planning Organization in the Science Faculty Complex.

As one of the 6 departments of the Ankara University Faculty of Engineering, founded on May 31, 2001, and continuing its education and training activities on the same site as the oldest department. Since 2001-2002 academic year, undergraduate curriculum has been renewed and according to the Euro-US education systems, elective field application has been started besides basic courses in the frame of “accreditation” rules. Biochemical engineering, environmental engineering, process system engineering and advanced technology were selected as key areas. Later, due to the difficulties resulting from the OBS system, field practice has been abandoned, and a general list of elective courses has been identified.

Starting from the 2010-2011 academic year, the Turkish program was canceled and a 30% English mixed program was started. Since 2003-2004 education period, undergraduate curriculum has been accredited by MÜDEK. Finally, there is a valid EUR-ACE label until 30 June 2018.