Message of the Head of Department

Dear Students,

Welcome to the second oldest Chemical Engineering Department in Turkey.

You will study in a quiet environment (Tandoğan Campus) and in a beautiful garden in a central location of Ankara. You should not forget that Chemical Engineering education-training is hard and requires much work. You will receive training from an experienced teaching staff. You can also take advantage of the university’s social facilities. You will develop yourself with contemporary and up-to-date course schedules. You will be a successful chemical engineer who is productive, imaginative, able to design with your foresight. With English courses (30% English courses) you can improve your foreign language. You will be able to benefit from ERASMUS opportunitiesand also be able to develop your education under the supervision of international undergraduate courses by MÜDEK. You will be able to complete double major/minor education. Remember that being successful is possible with regular work. In the meantime you will also have time for entertainment. As a result, you will be a “Chemical Engineer”. You can also take Master’s/Doctoral Degree.

It is possible to take advantage of many on-site business opportunities. For this reason, you have to approach in a positively manner, ask “How can I contribute?”, and not be shy. You should say: “I can do this!” (but not everything). You should improve English, computing and engineering skills in the best way you can, and be sociable.

I wish you all success and offer my best regards.

Prof. Dr. Murat İ. Erol
Head of Department