About Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program is 30% English and our students who have successfully completed the Preparatory Class continue their math, physics, chemistry and computer programming courses at the level of engineering education in the first year. Basic engineering courses are offered to the second year and chemical engineering courses are offered to third and fourth year students. Achievements in undergraduate courses, most of which are supported by computer, are supported by assignments, laboratory reports and projects. In order to graduate, at least one of the 6 elective courses and 1 social elective course, which is the 4th grade Graduation Thesis course, must be completed and 45 work days Summer Practical Training must be completed. In this way, our graduates who have graduation criteria of 160 credits (240 ECTS) will be named ‘Chemical Engineer’. Successful students are encouraged to participate in Double Major or Minor Programs.

Our students can benefit from the training and internship mobility agreements made with universities in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Sweden under Erasmus+, and they can participate in Farabi and Mevlana programs.

Our % 30 English undergraduate program has been accredited for various periods within the scope of the visits conducted by MÜDEK since 2004 and competency was obtained until September 2021.

100 % Turkish and 100 % English programs has been initiated and 30 % English undergraduate program was discontinued in 2018-2019 academic year. Course contents of the new programs are analogous to previous program.